Atypical Parenting; The Podcast for People Who Love Someone With Autism

The Atypical Parenting podcast is a resource for parents and loved ones of individuals of all ages who are autistic. Hosted by psychiatric nurse practitioner, and mother of an adult autistic son, Dawn Tree, the podcast offers information, support, and encouragement. Hang out with Dawn as she explores relevant topics through discussion and expert interviews. When we know better, we’ll be able to do better. The people we love deserve our very best!

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Friday Jan 19, 2024

Feeling overwhelmed is a common feeling for parents today, especially mothers.  When our kids are struggling, maintaining balance becomes even more difficult. Today Dr Susan Landers both shares her insights and offers practical strategies.
Show Notes:

Saturday Jan 06, 2024

Life with autism can be hectic, and getting caught up in day to day pressures can leave us exhausted and overwhelmed.  How do we prioritize and stay focused on the important stuff? Join Dawn as she discusses this with today’s guest, Randy Hain, Entrepreneur, business leader and author.  Randy is also the father of 2 adult sons, one of whom is autistic.
His most recent book, Being Fully Present, True Stories of Epiphanies and Powerful Lessons From Everyday Life, aims to inspire and challenge us to more thoughtfully examine how they see the world and engage with the people around them. 
Show notes :

Monday Dec 11, 2023

Ever wonder what your child’s anxiety feels like in real time? Wondering how to help your child understand and improve their ability to cope with their own anxiety?
Today we’re talking to Mark Cheverton, NYT best selling author of the award winning series “Gamenight9999”, based on the game of Minecraft.  His newest book for young people, “Facing the Beast Within” helps kids explore the issues around social anxiety, panic attacks, and bullying.  Mark seamlessly incorporates clinically tested coping strategies into his story, allowing kids to learn organically.
Reading Mark’s books together will benefit kids and parents alike.  Learn more at
Show notes

Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

In today’s interview, where Dawn was interviewed by Danielle Sullivan of The Neurodivergent podcast, we’re covering how the practice of psychiatry can help or harm autistic people, how medications are tested, used, and marketed to medical professionals, and how to find a psychiatric professional for your individual needs.
 More about Neurodiverging: Neurodiverging is dedicated to helping neurodiverse folk find the resources we need to live better lives as individuals, and to further disability awareness and social justice efforts to improve all our lives as part of the larger, world community. 
Show Notes
Dawn mentions her interview with Dr. Sabooh Mubbashar for folks looking for more insight on medication needs for autistic nervous systems:
Danielle mentions a previous podcast where they interviewed Dr. Roy Richard Grinker about the history of psychiatry:

Friday Oct 13, 2023

This week we’re honored to have American icon, veteran actor and musician, William Sadler, sitting down for a casual chat. This episode is geared towards autistic individuals who are considering a career in acting, however there’s so much relevant advice for all new actors as well.  
Show Notes

Thursday Sep 28, 2023

Do you experience a sense of impending doom even when things are going well?  If you struggle with the feeling of “waiting for the other shoe to drop” then this episode is for you! 
Show notes:

Friday Sep 08, 2023

Masking natural traits or inclinations in social situations is universal, BUT, what if you had to do this every time you interacted in public?  In  autism,  the constant need to mask, as a means of fitting into a neurotypical society, can create a heavy emotional burden.  In this episode,  Dawn  talks with  Autism advocate Rich Steven's about this important topic.  
Show Notes:  
Inside the Orange podcast
Autistic2Autism Podcast

Friday Aug 18, 2023

Did you know the rate of substance abuse for autistic individuals is higher than for the general population? Ever wonder why that is? And what to do about it if it does affect your child or loved one? Join in on today’s conversation we will talk about all that and more. Show notes: 
Richard’s website and book link

Friday Aug 11, 2023

Medicating our children or loved ones can be scary and confusing.  Dr. Sabooh Mubbashar, double board-certified psychiatrist and pharmacology expert, has specialized in treating Autistic mental health symptoms in patients of all ages, for over 20 years.  Listen as he shares his insight on this topic.  Enjoy the conversation!  

Friday Aug 04, 2023

Today we turn the lens around and look at why parents and caregivers are anxious, and how that affects the humans we're caring for in detrimental ways.  It's time to handle our own Sh*t so that they can thrive!  Are you ready?! 


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